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Jararaca Snake

Jararaca Snake

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Jararaca: Venomous Serpent

Main Features:

- Jararaca is a popular and common name given to various snake species of the genus Bothrops.

- The main species are: green jararaca, dry jararaca, northern jararaca, ilara jararaca, forest jararaca, cruiser jararaca and jararacuçu.

- Jararacas live in various regions of Central America, South America and Mexico. In Brazil, for example, there are several species of jararaca.

- The main habitats are cerrados and forests.

- There is wide variety regarding color and size. Depending on the species of jararaca, they can reach 70 cm to 2 meters in length. The average size of the jararacas is 1.20 cm.

- Most species have nightlife and terrestrial life.

- Jararacas are viviparous (give birth to puppies).

- They feed mainly on small rodents, frogs and lizards.

- Jararacas are venomous snakes, that is, they produce poison. The venom of the jararacas is potent and can lead the individual to death if there is no medical help and application of antifidy serum.

Important Tip:

- In order not to be bitten by a snake it is important to enter woods and forests wearing sturdy boots and long trousers. Always look at the places where you will step.

Scientific Classification:

Kingdom: Animalia

Philo: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Squamata

Suborder: Ophidia

Superfamily: Xenophidia

Family: Viperidae

Genre: Bothrops

Other information:

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