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Crocodile: Example of Crocodile

What they are - biological definition

Crocodilians are large reptiles (order Crocodilia) found in various regions of the planet.

Summary of main general features:

- Have the body covered by scales;

- have dermal bone plates covering the body;

- They are oviparous animals, ie reproduction includes the laying of eggs in the external environment (where the animal develops before hatching);

- They are semi-aquatic, living in places with freshwater (rivers, lakes, lagoons) and saltwater (mainly mangroves);

- Crocodilians are carnivores. They feed mainly on fish, crabs, small mammals and birds.

Crocodilian Groups:

1 - Crocodiles

Crocodiles live in regions of river banks, lakes, seas and mangroves. They are similar to alligators, but differ according to the narrower muzzle.

Another way to differentiate these two species is to visualize the fourth lower tooth on each side of the mouth (closed). In crocodiles this visualization occurs, while in alligators no.

Crocodiles are mainly found in Africa, Central America and South Asia.

Examples of species: American crocodile, Nile crocodile, Cuban crocodile, dwarf crocodile and orinoco crocodile.

2 - Alligators

They are typical freshwater reptiles that inhabit mainly lakes and river banks. Here in Brazil they are very common in the region of the Mato Grosso Pantanal. They live mainly in regions of Mexico and South America.

The muzzle of alligators is wider than that of crocodiles.

Examples of species: Pantanal alligator, American alligator, Yellow-throated alligator, Açu alligator and Crown alligator.

3 - Gaviais

They are crocodilians found in the river and lake areas of the Indian and Nepalese territory. These reptiles have elongated and narrow snouts.

Species Example: Gavialis gangeticus

Biological Curiosities:

Crocodilians first appeared on planet Earth, about 80 million years ago.

- Unfortunately, the gills are one of the species of reptiles that is in great danger of extinction today. There are only about 300 animals living in natural habitat.

Gavial: Another example of crocodilian reptile.