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Plant Biology Books

Bibliographic indication for the study of Plant Biology (Botany)

Bibliography (indication of books on Botany):

Plant Biology

Author: Eichhorn, Susan E. & Others

Publisher: Gunabara

Introduction to Plant Biology

Author: Oliveira, EUrico Cabral de

Publisher: Edusp

Plant Biology - School Practice Manual

Author: Cunha, Gladis F. da

Publisher: Educs

Plant Ecology in the tropics

Author: Janzen, Daniel H.

Publisher: EPU

Plant Morphology - organography and illustrated dictionary of morphology

Author: Lorenzi, Harri

Publisher: Plantarum

Plant Anatomy

Author: Botha, Ted & Others

Publisher: Artmed

Vegetal Systematics

Author: Campbell, Christopher S.

Publisher: Artmed

Plant Physiology

Author: Sampaio, Elvira

Publisher: UEPG

Plant Ecology

Author: Fox, Gordon A.

Publisher: Artmed

Plant Physiology - A Practical Approach

Author: Several

Publisher: UFPE

Illustrated Guide to Plant Anatomy

Author: Boeger, Maria Regina

Publisher: Holos

Practices in Plant Morphology

Author: Oliveira, Fernando de

Publisher: Atheneu