Jellyfish: Also known as Jellyfish

What is it - biological definition

The jellyfish, also known as jellyfish, is a marine animal. There are currently about 1,500 cataloged jellyfish species.

Summary of the main features of a jellyfish

- They have tentacles that can burn the skin of a person who touches it. Some may also inject poison into the skin of the person touching them.

- They have a body of gelatinous consistency.

- Most jellyfish have the oceans (saltwater) as their habitat. Some species also live in freshwater environments.

- Have elaborate sensory structures in their bodies.

- Use the tentacles to capture their prey.

- About 98% of the body of living water consists of water.

- Have body shape similar to an umbrella.

- They feed mainly on microplankton found in the oceans.

- Most jellyfish reproduce asexually through polyps.

Scientific classification

Domain: Eukaryota

Kingdom: Animalia

Sub-Training: Parazoa

Phylum: Cnidaria