Arachnology: Arachnid Studies

What is it - biological definition

Arachnology is a branch of zoology that scientifically studies arachnid animals (Arachnida class). It is a very complex branch of study due mainly to the large number of species in this class. Just to give you an idea, there are about 40,000 spiders cataloged.

Main animals studied by arachnology

- Spiders

- scorpions

- Pseudoscorpions

- Opinions

- Ticks

- Mites

What arachnology studies:

- Arachnid behavior in the wild;

- Relationship of arachnids in ecosystems (with other animals and with other elements of the environment);

- Physical characteristics of these animals;

- Feeding and breeding of arachnids;

- Scientific classification of arachnids.

Biological curiosity

The name of the professional who studies and scientifically classifies arachnids is called arachnologist.