Wormwood Classes

Flatworms: worms of various types

Wormwood Classes


- The turbellars have simple body with hair epidermis.

- Incomplete digestive system.

- Most of these animals have a free life.

- Locomotion made by eyelashes.

- They have muscle suction cups and adhesive glands.

Examples: planarians: Tigrine Dugesia and Burmeisteri Geoplane.


- Cestodes have a metamerized body.

- Epidermis with presence of protective cuticle.

- They are internal parasitic animals.

- They have no digestive system.

- Body divided into: sclex, neck and proglottids.

Examples: Tapeworm solium and Tapeworm saginata.


- Trematodes are parasitic worms.

- They have presence epidermis and protective cuticle.

- The digestive system of trematodes is incomplete.

- These worms have simple body.

Examples: Schistosoma mansoni, Microphallus and Hepatic fasciola.