Biologist's Day

Biologist: producing knowledge about life

Biologist's Day

Biologist Day is celebrated in Brazil on September 3. The date is a reference to Federal Law No. 6,684 / 79 of September 3, 1979, which regulated the profession of Biologist in the country.

Importance of the profession

The tribute paid by society to all biologists on September 3 is fair and significant because of the great importance of this profession. Biologists study life on the planet, that is, they generate knowledge about the various species of plants and animals and their relationships with the environment. Therefore, they are of fundamental importance for the development of scientific knowledge.

Biologists are also extremely important for understanding and preserving the environment. They act in the elaboration of strategies aimed at maintaining the ecological balance on the planet.

This profession is becoming increasingly important as we are currently facing serious environmental problems such as species extinction, deforestation and rising temperatures on the planet (global warming).

Together with scientists from related fields (ecologists, botanists, zoologists, climatologists, etc.), the biologist can play a decisive role in building a path that will increasingly enhance the quality of life on our planet.

Did you know?

- Law 6,684 / 79 not only created the profession of biologist, but also regulated the biomedical profession and created the state and federal councils of biology and biomedicine. These boards are responsible for overseeing the exercise of these professions.