Breastfeeding: Important in Baby's First Six Months


Breast milk is the best and most complete baby food. In addition, it strengthens the child's immune system, protecting it against many diseases.

Importance and Benefits of Breastfeeding

It is recommended that until the sixth month of life, the baby is fed exclusively breast milk. After this period, breastfeeding should be supplemented by other foods.

Breastfeeding has many benefits not only for the baby but also for the mother. The main benefits for the mother are: faster weight reduction after childbirth, better recovery of normal size of the uterus, reduced risk of bleeding and anemia after childbirth, reduced risk of diseases such as diabetes and breast cancer.

Breastfeeding is an exclusive moment between mother and child, so it is always good to occur in a calm and pleasant way. Below are some tips that contribute to this process:

- As in the first months the baby does not have a time to breastfeed, breastfeed him whenever he asks.

- Before breastfeeding, wash your hands thoroughly.

- Respect your baby's pacing, let him suckle until he is satisfied.

"Let him first empty one breast well, and then offer another, if he wants to."

- Breastfeeding milk is richer in fat, so it satisfies the baby more and helps him gain more weight.

- Always start breastfeeding with that breast that finished the last breastfeeding, so that the baby can empty both breasts well, which is important for the mother to have enough milk.

Breastfeeding difficulties

Breastfeeding difficulties sometimes occur, such as cracks in the nipple, this is when the child is not grasping the mother's chest well, so it is important to correct the baby's grip whenever it is wrong.

Whenever the breast is too full to make breastfeeding difficult, it is important to remove some milk first, with this help the baby will breastfeed better. If there is no improvement, it is advisable to seek help from a health facility.

Other difficulties such as cobbled breasts and too little milk may also occur.

In the first case, the mother should empty the breasts well and not stop breastfeeding, should even increase the frequency of breastfeeding, also breastfeeding at night. It is advisable to drink a little milk before breastfeeding as this helps soften the breast and facilitate the baby's grip.

With regard to low milk, it is advisable for the mother to breastfeed frequently, letting the baby empty the breast well during breastfeeding.

Did you know?

Breast milk is strong and very good. It works like a real vaccine, preventing the child from many diseases. Its color may vary, but it is never faint.