Fiber Sources

Dietary fibers: important for bowel function

Introduction (importance)

Fiber, present in many foods, is extremely important for our body, as it acts beneficially in the intestinal functioning. It is excellent for avoiding intestinal constipation (intestines stuck). Fiber is also important for lowering blood sugar. Remembering that for fibers to work well in the body it is also important to drink a good amount of water (average of 2 liters per day).

Main Sources of Fiber (examples of high fiber foods)

- Oats

- Bean

- corn

- Popcorn

- Chickpea

- Guava

- Beet

- Lettuce

- Cauliflower

- Whole grain bread

- persimmon chocolate

- Brown Rice

- raw plum

- Whole Noodles

- Wait

- Lentinha

- Brocolis

- Pea

- Almonds

- Barley

- Wheat bran

- Tangerine with pomace

- Orange with pomace

- Pumpkin seed

- dried fig

- Watercress

- Cabbage

- Mango

- Flaxseed