Biogeography: distribution of living things on planet earth

What is (definition)

Biogeography is a scientific discipline focused on the study and analysis of the distribution of living beings across the geographic spaces of planet Earth. This scientific discipline unites, mainly, knowledge and research methods of Biology and Geography, establishing connections between them whenever possible and necessary.

What studies Biogeography:

- Relations of the environment (relief, climate, ecosystems, etc.) on species evolution and adaptation.

- Distribution of plant and animal species across planet Earth.

- Geographic distribution of biomes and ecosystems.

- Ways of cartographic representation of the distribution of living beings.

- The action of human beings on the environment and its consequences from the geographical and biological point of view.

- Species extinction and its relations with the geographical environment.

- Endemisms: taxonomic groups that develop in a restricted area of ​​the planet.

Main areas of knowledge and scientific disciplines related to Biogeography:

- Physical geography

- Biology

- Ecology

- Botany

- Zoology

- Climatology

- Cartography

- Phytogeography

- Biogeology

- Paleontology