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Refined sugar: the most consumed in the world

What is sugar

Sugar is present in many organic compounds and comes in various forms depending on the natural compound in which it is present. For example, the sugar present in fruits is fructose, the sugar present in milk is lactose, which is present in sugar cane is sucrose, among others.


Sugar in its simplest form includes glucose, ribose and fructose, while in its most complex form it has maltose, sucrose lactose (milk sugar), and trisaccharides (eg melitosis).

Refined sugar and its problems

The most consumed sugar in the world is refined. Cheaper, it is widely used in the production of cakes, sweets, ice cream and other products. Excessive consumption of this type of sugar can lead to obesity, especially in people with a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, the consumption of this type of sugar can, in the long run, contribute to the development of diabetes. Therefore it should be consumed in moderation, especially by adults and the elderly.