Butchers Animals

Hyena: Butcher Animal Example

What they are (definition and main characteristics)

Butcher animals are those that feed on carrion, that is, meat in a state of decay. These animals usually feed on the abandoned carcass of animals that have been hunted by others (predators). They also feed on the carrion of animals that have died due to accidental or natural causes.

Most butcher animals are carnivorous. However, there are also species of omnivorous animals that feed on carrion.

Environmental importance

Butcher animals are important for the functioning and balance of the ecosystems in which they live, as consuming the carrion eliminates or decreases the proliferation of diseases caused by bacteria or worms in rotting meat.

Examples of butcher animal species:

- Hyena

- Black Vulture

- African Vulture

- Bearded Vulture

- Griffon vulture

- Tasmanian Devil

- Coyote

- Komodo dragon

- Virginia Skunk (found mainly in the United States and Mexico).