Symbiosis between bee and flower

What is symbiosis

Symbiosis is a mutually advantageous relationship in which two or more different organisms benefit from this association.

Symbiosis Example

A good example of this type of symbiosis is the process that occurs within the digestive system of animals such as ruminants.

These animals are herbivores, so they feed on cellulose, which is digested in their stomachs with the collaboration of specific microorganisms for this purpose. While these microorganisms benefit from living within the digestive tract of these animals (inhabiting and receiving food), they are also beneficial to herbivores as they aid in cellulose digestion.

Vegetal symbiosis

There are still other types of symbiosis with different degrees of cooperation between organisms, such as plant symbiosis.

An interesting example of plant symbiosis is the relationship between leguminous plants and nitrogen-fixing bacteria.