Biological Taxonomy

Taxonomy: ordering and classifying living things

What is Taxonomy

Biological Taxonomy is a branch of Biology focused on the ordering and classification of living beings. This science studies the kinship relationships between organisms and their evolutionary histories. Taxonomy operates after the generation of the phylogenetic tree of a living being.

The classification of living beings follows certain predetermined norms and principles.

Importance of Biological Taxonomy

This science is very important in making inventories and descriptions of our planet's biodiversity. Since there are millions of living things on our planet, this classification is of utmost importance for the scientific study of living things.

The taxons

Taxons are categories used in the classification system of living things. Are they:

- Domain

- Kingdom

- Phylum (in Botany Division is used)

- Class

- Order

- Family

- Genre

- Species

Origin of the term

The term Taxonomy is of Greek origin, where "tassein" means to classify and "nomos" means to administer or law.