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Spiders Books

Bibliographic indication for the study of spiders

Bibliography (indication of books on spiders):

Spiders - How To Guide

Author: Kingsley, Rebeca

Publisher: Nobel

Themes: Zoology, Biology

Wcology and Spider Behavior

Author: Gonzaga, Marcelo O.

Publisher: Interciencia

Themes: Ecology, Environment, Zoology

Insects, spiders and snakes

Author: Preston-Mafham, Ken

Publisher: Editions 70 (Portugal)

Themes: Biology, Zoology

Spiders and Scorpions

Author: Butantan Institute

Publisher: Butantan Institute

Themes: Zoology, Biology

The Animal Kingdom - Insects and Spiders

Author: Wexo, J. B.

Publisher: Nova Cultural

Themes: Zoology

The fascinating world of spiders

Author: Julivert, M. A

Publisher: Maltese

Themes: Zoology, Biology

Insects and Spiders

Author: Time-Life Science and Nature

Publisher: April

Themes: Zoology